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Grayscale Hexagon Seamless Pattern Home Decor Accent Pillows
About this Product<br />
Our accent pillow is the ultimate decorative piece to any room of your home or office. Pillows and pillow covers are cut and sewn by hand, features a double-sided print from designer and nature / landscape photographer Melissa Fague. The pillows and pillow covers are finished with a concealed zipper for ease of care. <br />
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Your Choice of pillow cover sizes:<br />
<br />
16" x 16"<br />
18" x 18"<br />
20" x 20"<br />
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Your options also include:<br />
<br />
Pillows for indoor use<br />
Pillows for outdoor use<br />
<br />
As well as the option to purchase:<br />
<br />
A pillow cover<br />
or a pillow cover with the pillow Insert<br />
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Design Info:<br />
Grayscale Hexagon Seamless Pattern is an illustration of a single hexagon with white, black and several shades of gray sections repeated seamlessly throughout the image.