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Diagonal Black and White Stripes Grid Home Decor Accent Pillows
About this Product<br />
Our accent pillow is the ultimate decorative piece to any room of your home or office. Pillows and pillow covers are cut and sewn by hand, features a double-sided print from designer and nature / landscape photographer Melissa Fague. The pillows and pillow covers are finished with a concealed zipper for ease of care. <br />
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Your Choice of pillow cover sizes:<br />
16" x 16"<br />
18" x 18"<br />
20" x 20"<br />
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Your options also include:<br />
Pillows for indoor use<br />
Pillows for outdoor use<br />
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As well as the option to purchase:<br />
A pillow cover<br />
or a pillow cover with the pillow Insert<br />
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About this Design:<br />
A beautiful background patterns with black and white diagonal lines crisscrossing throughout the image at a 45 degree angle. This design works will with three other patterns that we have: <br />
Wavy Black and White Pinwheel Medallion <br />
Wavy Black and White Pinwheel and Stripes Small Pattern<br />
Wavy Black and White Diamond with Pinwheel and Stripes Small pattern<br />
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This design is also available on items to decorate your electronic devices. Visit:<br />
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Don’t forget about decorating your walls. Come check out our beautiful nature and landscape photographs. All of our landscape and nature photographs come on Canvas Gallery Wraps, Traditional Photo Paper and as Limited Edition Signed Fine Art Prints. <br />
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