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Digital Artist Listing Full Package
Digital Artist Catalog Full Package Listing <br />
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This product is for any Digital Artists who wishes to showcase their name, company name, a brief description, multiple websites, social media profiles, full contact information & sample work on PI Photography & Fine Art's online art catalog.<br />
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The entire online catalog consists of a variety of different types of art; each art topic will list either the mini package listing or the full package listing of the artists. The catalog will be listed permanently on our blog site for public viewing & it will be published monthly in our VIP newsletters that is dispersed to 20,000+ readers with a variety of artistic tastes. Our VIP list consists of gallery owners, art consultants, interior designs, architectural firms, corporate offices, hotels, hospitals, doctors office, private collectors, & many more.<br />
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All listings are for 1 year from the date of purchase, renewals will be available. A notification will be emailed to you before your listing expires. <br />
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3-Dimensional Art<br />
Digital Drawings / Illustrations<br />
Fractal Art<br />
Mixed Media<br />
Digital Paintings & Airbrushing<br />
Photo Manipulations<br />
Pixel Art<br />
Stereoscopy<br />
Text Art<br />
Typography<br />
Vector<br />
Vexel<br />
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Full listings include:<br />
<br />
1. Photographer's Name<br />
2. Company Name<br />
3. A portrait of the Photographer or the company logo<br />
4. Type of products sold<br />
5. A description of business style & product types (up to 6 sentences)<br />
6. 1 Example photo of work<br />
7. Up to 5 links to websites and online stores<br />
8. Area of focus (refined keywords)<br />
9. Up to 6 Social Media Profile Links<br />
10. Full Contact information Displayed<br />
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